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Bastette launched in early 2019 and has had non-stop releases since. Delivering sassy, modern, alternative rock fronted by a passionate, fiery redhead with a powerful voice making you think of Florence and the Machine and Halestorm all in one. Based in North West England Bastette is playing with bands such as Nancy and the Dolls (formerly Sex Pissed Dolls) Marisa and the Moths and Finding Kate and has been booked to play at the SOS festival in Manchester and the main stage at Darwen Live.

During her engaging live performance Bastette is one minute the sultry songstress the next a power pop diva. She and her experienced and talented band deliver a faultless set that augurs well for the future.

Bastette’s new E.P is due to be released Spring of 2020, it is an exciting natural progression from the debut E.P. One of the industry’s best kept secrets…… Bastette is coming to slay.

Now following Bastette’s Development Steve Brown producer of artists including The Cult, ABC, George Michael (Wham!), Alison Moyet, Haysi Fantayzee, Freddie Mercury (Queen), The Alarm, The Manic Street Preachers, The Pogues and many more.


  • Looking forward to sharing more of your seriously awesome, amazing music. You are the new Gold Standard of Music in the modern digital age!
    Paul Richmond
  • Loved it
    Sean McGinty
    BBC Music Introducing Lancashire
  • Impressive, very slick, professional and sassy
    Steve Guest
    Waterloo, Blackpool
  • Up and coming, she’s absolutely incredible, her music is quite magnetic and her musical style is explorative
    Milly Rose
    Rhino Radio
  • Such a superb natural talent
    Lynne Hampson
    SOS Festival, Manchester (Organiser)
  • Video of the week X 2 - Hunter and Lover
    Pete Carma
    Streetcred Music Blog
  • Her songs are intelligent and finely crafted with strong, often complex rhythmic arrangements, catchy hooks, soaring guitars and as she puts it herself ‘irresistible melodies’
    Tony Barnes
    Music reviewer
  • Prepare to be swept away
    Paul Monkhouse
    Metal Planet Music
  • Singer has great stage presence. 'Rock on Bastette'
    Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell
    Bad Company
  • No other musician is more deserving of the world’s attention right now than Bastette. This is what the world needs. Bastette’s intense vibe reels you in until you give in and fall into being her lover”
    Paul Richmond
    Zest Radio, Ontario Canada